Celebrating Graduate Students Building Community: Rawane Raad

UGA Graduate Education empowers students to make a difference in their communities. Our graduate students have contributed in a variety of ways to build community within their departments, the university and larger community. While there are so many amazing students we like to highlight those who have contributed above and beyond to build community within their disciplinary areas on campus and within the broader community of Georgia. This selection was based on the many nominations from their peers at the institution and within the community in which they served.

Rawane Raad, a master’s student in Food Science and Technology at the Center for Food Safety at the Griffin Campus, was nominated by her graduate coordinator, Rakesh Singh.

Rawane is very passionate about her work and is always eager to learn and share her knowledge with others. Throughout her time working in the lab on her MS research, Rawane has been supervising and training undergraduate as well as graduate students on how to perform techniques such as molecular assays (PCR, qPCR, sequencing, etc.) to detect parasites in water and food matrices, and how to work with environmental samples. She is always willing to stop what she’s doing to help other students. In addition, she has a calming and pleasant attitude which contributes to an atmosphere conducive to learning and high quality work.

-Rakesh Singh

What inspires your ability to create a great community?

“Even the smallest of actions have the potential to change the world. Being a part in someone’s journey to achieve their goals is what inspires me to be more involved in my community.”

What advice would you give students looking to make a difference like you?

“I would say to students to find their passion, follow it and be patient throughout the journey. It is worth it.

Describe how you got involved with UGA Food Science club or your mentorship of undergraduate students and what it means to you.

“My passion towards my major has always pushed me to become more involved with the food science community. That is why I chose to become a member of the food science club. The club itself and my major advisor were a huge part in providing the opportunity for me to become a mentor for undergraduate students. Sharing my passion and my knowledge with other students is one of my main goals.  

Why UGA?

“The unique opportunities available at UGA (Athens and Griffin campus) would allow me to make a legitimate career out of my lifelong passion: science and community involvement.”


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