Dean Maureen Grasso

In January 2008 the UGA Graduate School launched the Initiative for Optimal Doctoral Completion. The Initiative represents an attempt to continuously improve doctoral completion at the UGA and to promote awareness of doctoral completion. Dean Grasso is working closely with the doctoral faculty and a research team to accomplish the Initiative’s goals.The initiative has three major goals:

  • To ensure that all graduate faculty members are well informed about trends and issues surrounding doctoral completion,
  • To provide faculty with the information they need to assess realistically their own program ’s success with respect to doctoral completion, and
  • To support individual programs in their efforts to improve doctoral completion.

In order to accomplish the above goals the Initiative will have four principal activities:

  • Conducting institutional research to identify meaningful measures of program performance for doctoral study,
  • Refining existing graduate school data management systems to allow for the routine collection, analysis and dissemination of program performance measures,
  • Working with individual programs to assess strengths and weaknesses with regard to the procedural, academic, and social factors that contribute to doctoral completion, and
  • Disseminating research-based information to faculty and students that will support program success and program improvement efforts.
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