The Graduate School gratefully acknowledges all who have made a financial commitment to graduate education at the University of Georgia—from alumni to corporate sponsors to faculty and friends. By supporting graduate students, you are enabling research and creative works that affect so many facets of our lives. You are investing in our future and our children’s future, as well as our nation’s economy and security You are also contributing to undergraduate education, enhancing our workforce and advancing discoveries that benefit us all.

Legacy Society

(Planned Gifts)

Dr. Marc J. Ackerman and Mrs. Stephanie Ackerman
Dr. David C. Coleman and Mrs. Frances E. Coleman
Dr. Christopher G. Cooper
Mr. Frank R. Etchberger*
Dr. Maureen Grasso
Dr. Robert G. Gillen and Mrs. Lee A. Gillen
Dr. Sylvia M. Hutchinson
Mrs. Muriel A. Lokey*

1910 Society


Mr. and Mrs. Craig Barrow III
Dr. Hardy M. Edwards III
Wormsloe Foundation Inc.

Laureate Society

($25,000 – $49,000)

Mr. James E. Baine and Mrs. Charlotte Baine
William S. and Elizabeth K. Boyd Foundation
Mrs. Martha Thurmond


($10,000 – $24,499)

Dr. Lindsay R. Boring and Dr. Lelia K. Kirkman
Dr. William Ford Calhoun
Dr. M. Terry Coffey and Mrs. Elizabeth Coffey
Farm Credit Bank of Texas
Ms. Sheryl Sellaway
Mr. Victor C. Sullivan III and Mrs. Jane A. Sullivan
University Woman’s Club
Verizon Wireless

Dean’s Circle

($5,000 – $9,999)

Dr. Michael B. Bunch and Mrs. Kathryn A. Bunch
Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Susan S. Lanigan and Mr. Gregory A. Lanigan
Mr. John F. McMullan and Mrs. Marilyn J. McMullan
Murphy Oil Corporation
Murphy-Brown, LLC
Mrs. Doris A. Ramsey
Shannon Foundation
Mr. Liam M. Shannon
Wells Fargo and Company

Centennial Club

($1,000 – $4,999)

Stephanie and Marc Ackerman Family Fund
Dr. Todd E. Arnold
Dr. Phillip J. Brantley and Dr. Paula Brantley
Mr. Larry M. Callaway and Ms. Mary Callaway
Dr. Benjamin B. Carson and Mrs. Mary G. Carson
Coca-Cola Company
Mr. Eric J. Collier and Mrs. Jerri Collier
Mr. Earl J. Connolly and Mrs. Patricia A. Connolly
Ms. Dorinda Dallmeyer and Dr. R. D. Dallmeyer
Dr. Kathleen L. Davis
Ms. Mary Frances Early
Dr. George O. Hallman and Mrs. Eileen M. Hallman
Dr. Joseph W. Hamer Jr. and Dr. Carol E. Hamer
Dr. Charles E. Hamner Jr. and Mrs. Sharon K. Hamner
Mrs. Almarene P. Hardeman
Dr. Charles F. Hobby
Dr. Ann Hughes
Dr. Carlton L. Jackson* and Mrs. Patricia A. Jackson
Ms. Jia Liu
Mr. Jianxiang Liu
Mrs. Jill D. St. Louis
MP Structured Credit Partners
Dr. Young W. Park
Dr. William A. Person
Mr. Christopher W. Ruffner and Mrs. Wendie Ruffner
Dr. Joanne M. Sharpe
Dr. Uma Sinha
Dr. Sangram S. Sisodia and Dr. Diane Van Hoof-Sisodia
Spring Creek Ranch
Dr. John E. Stewart II
Mr. James S. Tardy* and Mrs. Claire S. Tardy
Verizon Foundation
Dr. Larry R. White and Mrs. Louise F. White
Dr. Otto P. Wielan
Mr. James A. Wilbanks and Mrs. Celeste N. Wilbanks

Graduate Club

($500 – $999)

Dr. Dennis P. Bauer and Mrs. Doris M. Bauer
Mr. Edward R. Bee and Mrs. Carole Bee
Mr. Donald R. Betts
Mr. Carl A. Burris and Ms. Jane Burris
Mr. Walter E. Dance Jr.
Dr. Martha J. Greer
Mr. James R. Gurley
Mr. Arthur Johnson and Mrs. T’Leatha R. Suitt-Johnson
Mrs. Kay Jones and Mr. Burke C. Jones
Mr. Stuart W. Kent and Mrs. Karolyn S. Kent
Mrs. Lynn Malone and Mr. Raymond J. Malone
Dr. Rob R. McGregor Jr. and Mrs. Kathryn McGregor
Dr. Nancy Midgette
Dr. Edward V. Milton III and Mrs. Henri C. Milton
Mr. Robert B. Moss Sr. and Mrs. Betty H. Moss
Dr. Prabhu Rajagopalan and Ms. Vandana Rajagopalan
Dr. Marion M. Reeves and Mr. George F. Reeves
Dr. Paul G. Robertie and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Robertie
Mr. Andrew J. Sherbo
Dr. Ronald D. Simpson
Mr. James A. Sommerville and Mrs. Frances D. Sommerville
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thomas Taylor Jr.
Dr. Li Ubois and Mr. Jeffrey Ubois
Dr. Ronald L. Vaughn and Mrs. Renée Vaughn

Friends of the Graduate School

($100 – $499)

Abbott Laboratories Fund
Ms. Amelia Adams
Dr. Jackie Adams and Mr. David E. Adams
Mr. William S. Addy and Mrs. Paula L. Addy
Dr. Lawrence A. Adjei and Mrs. Dora Adjei
Dr. Hishameldin O. Ahmed and Dr. Khawlah A. Abu Izzah
Mr. James L. Aiello and Ms. Crystel Gabrich
Alda Medical Center
Dr. Gilles O. Allard and Mrs. Bernadette M. Allard
Mrs. Geraldine Davis Alligood*
Dr. Jacqueline Allison and Mr. Jerry D. Allison
Mr. David K. Alonso
American International Group, Inc.
Dr. Charles L. Andrews
Mr. James M. Applefield
Mr. John C. Argo and Mrs. Glenda Argo
Dr. Jerry W. Arnold and Ms. Judith A. Arnold
Dr. Grace S. K. Arto and Mr. Vincent Arto
Dr. Cyrus P. Aryana
Dr. Christopher Asaro
Dr. Paul A. Asunda
Ms. Susan Bagwell and Mr. Benny Bagwell
Mr. Solomon Barge Sr. and Mrs. Deloris G. Barge
Dr. Philip G. Bartley Jr. and Ms. Mary E. Bartley
Dr. Benjamin R. Bates and Ms. Elizabeth H. Morley
Dr. Colin F. Baxter and Mrs. Tamara M. Baxter
Dr. Robert E. Bazzle and Mrs. Joan Bazzle
Dr. Francis F. Beideman Jr. and Mrs. Ann C. Beideman
Mrs. Carolyn E. Bell
Dr. Carole R. Bencich
Mrs. Carolyn E. Bennett and Mr. Thomas L. Bennett
Mrs. Betty Benson
Dr. Gajanan Bhat
Dr. David B. Birnbaum and Mrs. Denise J. Birnbaum
Judge Joe C. Bishop and Dr. Carol Bishop
Dr. Phyllis K. Blair
Dr. Matej Blasko
Mr. Randolph L. Booth
Dr. William D. Bostick and Mrs. Debra Bostick
Dr. James E. Bottoms and Mrs. Helen P. Bottoms
Dr. Lori H. Bowen and Mr. Jason L. Bowen
Mr. Andrew E. Bowers Sr. and Mrs. Edna A. Bowers
Mrs. Jane Bowery
Mr. Walter H. Boyett III and Mrs. Elizabeth Boyett
Mr. Henry H. Boyter Jr.
Dr. David A. Bradbard and Ms. Michelle P. Lukse
Ms. Kathleen M. Bridges
Ms. Maureen A. Brown and Mr. Norbert C. Brown Jr.
Mr. Robert M. Brown Sr. and Mrs. Joelen Brown
Mr. Rodney A. Brown
Ms. Kristen E. Burgers
Dr. Harold E. Burkhart and Mrs. Katherine Burkhart
Ms. Anna L. Burns
Dr. Lenette Burrell
Mr. Jeffery M. Butler and Ms. Sophia L. Butler
Dr. Sloan D. Caldwell and Dr. Alice A. Caldwell
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Andrew Callison
Mr. Blaine G. Camp
Dr. Nancy L. Canolty
Mr. Richard M. Carlisle and Mrs. Rebecca S. Carlisle
Professor Ronald L. Carlson and Mrs. Mary Carlson
Ms. Lara Carlton and Mr. Ernest H. Carlton
Dr. Mae Carpenter
Mr. James R. Chambers Jr. and Mrs. Nell Chambers
Mr. Don E. Chandler
Mr. Lynwood F. Chandler Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen Chandler
Dr. Kun-Yu Chang and Mrs. Hsiao-Lan Chang
Dr. Baowei Chen and Mrs. Sujuan Chen
Mr. Yinpu Chen and Ms. Yin Shi
Mr. Robert M. Chernow and Ms. Patricia L. Sly
Robert Chong, DPM Podiatric Physician & Surgeon
Dr. Robert K. Chong
Ms. Anne M. Chotvacs
Dr. Joanne Christaldi
Dr. Hugh A. Christie and Mrs. Janet Y. Christie
Dr. Johnnie Clark and Mr. Charles E. Clark
Mr. William H. Cobb
Ms. Carole Cobb and Mr. William C. Cobb
Ms. Margaret G. Cole and Dr. Ronald S. Cole
Mr. David B. Collins and Mrs. Kay Collins
Dr. James G. Connell Jr.
Mr. Kingsley G. Corbin and Mrs. Penelope K. Corbin
Ms. Patricia A. Cresswell and Mr. Robert A. Cresswell
Mr. Albert C. Cunningham
Dr. Roy J. Daigle and Ms. Kathryn G. Gradle
Mrs. Julia C. Damore and Mr. Joseph F. Damore
Ms. Karen F. Daniel and Mr. David L. Daniel
Mr. Lee B. Daniel
Dr. Donald C. Davis and Mrs. Jolene R. Davis
Ms. Frances Davis and Mr. Donell Davis
Dr. Paul F. DeLargy and Dr. Carolyn DeLargy
Deloitte Foundation
Ms. Doris D. DeLorme and Dr. Charles D. DeLorme Jr.
Mrs. Denise J. Demick and Mr. Paul A. Demick
Dr. Juenchin Deng
Dr. Ouida Dickey
Mr. Leland L. Dishman
Dr. Ako Doffou
Mrs. Kay Dominy
Mr. Mark W. Dorgan and Ms. Stephanie Dorgan
Dr. Cecile R. Doroff
Mr. James M. Draper
Mr. Samuel C. Dyess Jr. and Mrs. Arline Y. Dyess
Miss Peggy J. East
Ms. Pamela S. Edmonds and Mr. Franklin S. Edmonds Jr.
Mr. Jerry G. Eidson and Dr. Sandra Eidson
Mr. William A. Elgee
Ms. Martha Elton
Enable Insight, LLC.
Mr. Richard M. Eppihimer and Mrs. Stephanie Eppihimer
Mr. Wayne D. Ervin and Mrs. Kay J. Ervin
Lt Col Joseph W. Evans Jr. and Mrs. Debra H. Evans
Dr. Stephen A. Feuerborn and Mrs. Vicki R. Feuerborn
Dr. Lindsey D. Few Jr.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. Nikolay M. Filipov and Ms. Anjela K. Filipova
Dr. William P. Flatt and Dr. Marihope S. Troutman
Dr. Stephen R. Flora
Dr. Cecil G. Foster Jr.
Mr. Todd F. Fowler and Mrs. Delia Fowler
Mr. Robert L. Franklin and Mrs. Nancy K. Franklin
Miss Leslie A. Freeman
Ms. Leanne S. French
Dr. Frank T. Friedberg
Mr. Ronald L. Fritchley and Mrs. Martha L. Fritchley
Dr. Mercedes R. Galobardes
Dr. Charles L. Gardner and Mrs. Faye L. Gardner
Dr. Lisa Garrett
Ms. Paula Gault
Mr. William R. Gibson and Ms. Carol A. Gibson
Dr. Paul J. Giles Jr. and Mrs. Elaine Giles
Mrs. Sandra A. Gjertsen and Mr. Douglas S. Gjertsen
Dr. Brian A. Glaser and Mrs. Judy Glaser
Mr. Jimmy A. Godwin and Mrs. M. I. Godwin
Ms. Janine D. Gordon
Dr. Imogene L. Gouveia
Mr. John L. Green and Mrs. Ellen G. Green
Mr. Paul Gruber
Dr. Beverly J. Haeger and Mr. Paul H. Haeger
Mr. John T. Haggerty and Mrs. Susan J. Haggerty
John Haire and Family
Mr. Jeffrey S. Hall and Dr. Lucy J. Bush
Mr. James E. Halpin Jr. and Ms. Elinor C. Halpin
Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Hamilton
Mr. James M. Hansen and Mrs. Carolyn Hansen
Mrs. Enid M. Hanson and Mr. Thomas C. Hanson
Dr. Charles N. Harris III
Dr. Brian M. Harward and Ms. Ashley E. Harward
Mr. William K. Hassell and Mrs. Linda Hassell
Dr. Dorothy J. Hausman and Mr. Gary J. Hausman
Mr. Akio Hayashi
Dr. Jishen He and Dr. Peihua Sheng
Dr. Sue E. Henderson
Dr. Howard H. Hendley
Ms. Mary E. Herrin
Mr. Nelson O. Herrin and Mrs. Allison D. Herrin
Mr. Wade W. Herring and Mrs. Fredrice Herring
Mr. Ralph E. Hickman Jr.
Mr. Alfred A. Hiers
Mr. John T. Hiers and Ms. Phillis A. Hiers
Dr. Virginia C. Hinton
Dr. Paul M. Hirsch and Mrs. Elaine Hirsch
Dr. Fredric M. Hirsh and Mrs. Donna Hirsh
Ms. Hsin-Hsin Ho and Mr. Tak S. Ho
Dr. James T. Hogan and Mrs. Judith T. Hogan
Ms. Sondra L. Holtzman and Mr. Adam K. Holtzman
Ms. Rhonda B. Horton and Mr. Carl J. Horton
Mr. Joseph L. Howard and Dr. Katrena D. Howard
Mr. Xiaolei Hu and Ms. Lisi Huang
Mr. Keith M. Hume and Mrs. Heidi E. Hume
Mrs. Virginia P. Huseby
Mr. Connie L. Ivester and Mrs. Martha I. Ivester
Mrs. Donna L. Jackins
Dr. Patrick R. Jackson and Mrs. Donna A. Jackson
Dr. Vasudevan S. Jagannathan and Mrs. Natalia Jagannathan
Mrs. Gloria A. James
Mr. Harold P. James and Dr. Grace James
Mr. Brian D. Jester
Dr. George W. Joe
Miss Fidelia G. Johnson
Mr. Handy Johnson Jr.
Dr. Keith A. Johnson
Dr. Melanie E. Johnson
Ms. Elisabeth Edwards Jones and Mr. James M. Jones
Mrs. Genevieve M. Jones and Mr. Ralph T. Jones
Dr. Gloria L. Jones
Dr. Joan A. Jordan
Dr. Samuel J. Juett III and Dr. JoAnne Juett
Dr. Billy J. Jump and Mrs. Mary A. Jump
Mr. Cord-Patrick Kammholz
Mr. Chandrashekar Karnum
Dr. Cheick M. C. Keita and Ms. Maimouna Toure
Dr. Mo Kian and Mrs. Martie Kian
Mr. Thomas J. Killeen Jr. and Dr. Maureen C. Killeen
Ms. Faye R. Kirschner and Ms. Chris Addy
Mr. Michael J. Kramer
Dr. Ik-Whan G. Kwon and Mrs. Jacqueline Kwon
Ms. Cheryl E. Laine and Mr. James R. Laine
Dr. Glenda Lappan and Mr. Peter A. Lappan Jr.
Ms. Ann Lawrence and Mr. Steven J. Leinwand
Dr. Linda G. Lawson
Mrs. Schwinne C. Lee and Mr. Cheng F. Lee
Ms. Allison M. Leigh
Dr. Anderson S. Leiper
Dr. Joan D. Leonard
Mrs. Joyce A. Letts
Dr. Paul A. Leynes and Mrs. Jennifer D. Leynes
Mr. Futing Liao
Dr. Alice Libet and Dr. Julian M. Libet
Mr. Meyer Lichtenstein and Mrs. Sondra Lichtenstein
Dr. Zhulu Lin and Dr. Siew H. Lim
Ms. Joanne Lincoln
Ms. Dianne E. Little
Ms. Karen F. Long
Dr. Marvin L. Long Jr. and Mrs. Sue B. Long
Dr. Jerry D. Lord and Mrs. Elaine S. Lord
Mr. William E. Loughner and Ms. Helen H. Wilkes
Mr. Joseph E. Lowe and Ms. Edith L. Lowe
Mr. David P. Luke III and Mrs. Jo A. Luke
Mr. Lawrence E. Lykins Jr. and Dr. Holly S. Lykins
Ms. Elizabeth M. Mann
Mrs. Doris Marshall and Mr. Howard L. Marshall
Ms. Angela C. Martin
Dr. Bradley C. Martin and Mrs. Melissa Martin
Dr. Philip M. Mathis and Mrs. Marilyn Mathis
Dr. Anup Mathur and Dr. Alexandra Kapatou
Dr. John M. Mbaku and Mrs. Theresa Mbaku
Dr. James D. McAlister and Mrs. Patsy McAlister
Ms. Elizabeth McBrayer
Mr. Timothy P. McCabe and Mrs. Kelly McCabe
Dr. Hoyt M. McCachren Jr. and Mrs. Minnie A. McCachren
Dr. Louise McCommons
Mr. Matt L. McCormick and Dr. Heather A. McCormick
Mrs. Beverly E. McGowan and Mr. John A. McGowan
Mr. James H. McGown* and Ms. Jane McGown
Mrs. Anna McLeod McKay and Mr. John Donald McKay
Mr. Joe M. McKelvey Jr.
Mr. David L. McLeod
Ms. Antoinette M. McMillan
Mrs. Brinkley McNeal and Mr. Walter P. McNeal
Dr. Lisa Mendel and Mr. Maurice I. Mendel
Dr. Shaila M. Miranda
Dr. Malcolm C. Modrzakowski Jr.
Dr. Mahmood Monshipouri
Mr. Edgar R. Moore Jr.
Dr. Louise E. Moore
Ms. Sarah J. Morgan
Brad Morton Studio, Inc.
Mr. Bradford T. Morton
Dr. Vamanmurti G. Mudgal and Mrs. Neela V. Mudgal
Dr. James W. Mullins and Dr. Vivian B. McMillan
Mr. Matthew T. Myatt
Dr. Whitney L. Myers
Mr. Albert F. Nasuti and Mrs. Betty H. Nasuti
Ms. Mary E. Negley
Dr. Thomas G. Nemetz and Mrs. Susan H. Nemetz
Mr. James E. Nipper Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Nipper
Mr. Robert V. O’Kelley and Mrs. Marcheta B. O’Kelley
Dr. Lawrence L. Oldaker
Mr. Lewis P. O’Neal Jr. and Mrs. Emma O’Neal
Dr. Judith H. Ozug and Mr. Paul D. Ozug
Dr. Rose A. Pace
Dr. Margaret K. Park
Dr. Hasmukhbhai B. Patel and Mrs. Anita H. Patel
Dr. Jitendrakumar R. Patel and Mrs. Jaimina Patel
Mr. James H. Patterson and Dr. Judith Patterson
Ms. Jamie L. Patterson
Mrs. Janie J. Peacock and Mr. Hugh C. Peacock
Ms. Jeri E. Pearson
Dr. Helen N. Perry
Pfizer Foundation
Mr. Homer L. Phillips and Mrs. Frances E. Phillips
Mr. Joe H. Phillips Jr.
Dr. Rolffs S. Pinkerton and Mrs. Helga A. Pinkerton
Dr. Joe F. Pittman Jr. and Ms. Jennifer L. Kerpelman
Mr. Abe Plummer Jr. and Mrs. Deborah Plummer
Dr. Kenneth W. Pool and Dr. Jonelle Pool
Dr. Rachel S. Poretsky
Dr. Gary C. Powell and Ms. Kiris J. Powell
Dr. Nancy D. Prendergast
Mr. Anthony L. Price and Mrs. Buff Price
Dr. Catherine A. Price and Mr. George T. Price Sr.
Mr. Joseph D. Procopio
Professional Arrangements
Dr. Junfeng Qu
Mr. David L. Rainer and Mrs. Yvonne Rainer
Dr. Dharam S. Rana and Mrs. Sunita S. Rana
Mr. Comer H. Randall III
Dr. Carol A. Reeves and Mr. Philip A. Zweig
Dr. Sandra S. Reeves
Mr. Darryl W. Revenew and Mrs. Michelle L. Revenew
Dr. John J. Rhee and Mrs. Leone D. Rhee
Dr. Louise Rice
Mr. Ronald M. Riggs and Mrs. Manina J. Riggs
Mr. Elias R. Rigsby
Dr. James M. Riordan and Mrs. Rebecca Riordan
Dr. Jessica W. Rivers and Mr. Jeffrey M. Hardin
Ms. Cathy A. Robison and Mr. John M. Coggeshall
Ms. Margaret Rodgers
Mr. John C. Rogers and Mrs. Norma A. Rogers
Mr. Stephen C. Rogers and Mrs. Tina M. Rogers
Mrs. Melanie Roper and Mr. Wendell H. Roper
Ms. Joan Ross
Mr. Kazuro Saito
Ms. Dorothy N. Sampson
Dr. Johnny Sanders Jr. and Dr. Rubye L. Sanders
Dr. Alexei Sankovski
Miss Annice M. Saunders
Mrs. Paula Saunders and Mr. Eddie Saunders III*
Dr. Walter F. Schmidt
Mr. Eric T. Sconyers
Dr. Ralph C. Scott Jr.
Mrs. Barbara Seaberry and Mr. MacArthur Seaberry*
Dr. Cynthia A. Searcy and Mr. Timothy P. McGonigle
Dr. Edward L. Shaw Jr. and Mrs. Diana Shaw
Dr. Kenneth L. Sheldon and Dr. Barbara L. Perry-Sheldon
Mr. Edward J. Sherwood and Mrs. Shirley Sherwood
Dr. Grady F. Shumake and Mrs. Hildred Shumake
Dr. Eleanor K. Sikes
Dr. Joan M. Silver and Mr. Michael P. Silver
Dr. Sadie V. Simmons
Dr. Marion A. Skelton and Mrs. Frances S. Skelton
Mr. Charlie H. Skinner and Mrs. Mary H. Skinner
Mrs. Anita Smith and Mr. Daniel P. Smith
Mr. Lawrence B. Smith
Mrs. Patricia S. Smith
Dr. Young-Dahl Song and Mrs. J. K. Song
Mr. Robert M. Speer
Dr. Michael S. Spencer
Dr. Daphne N. Stassin
Mrs. Ruth M. Steegmann and Mr. Albert T. Steegmann Jr.
Dr. Carolyn Stephens and Dr. Robert G. Stephens III
Mr. Michael I. Stephenson
Dr. James C. Stolzenbach and Mrs. Christine Stolzenbach
Dr. Steven G. Stoops and Mrs. Gail T. Stoops
Dr. Betty J. Strickland
Mrs. Elsie Strother
Dr. Xinzhuan Su and Ms. Anna Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Swearingen
Swearingen Family Fund
Mr. Henry W. Swift Jr. and Mrs. Jeanne R. Swift
Mrs. Patricia Tankersley
Dr. Mary N. Tanner
Mrs. Mary Darden Tarczynski and Mr. Gregory J. Tarczynski
Dr. Patrick L. Taylor and Mrs. Sallie B. Taylor
Dr. Donald M. Thieme
Dr. Siriporn Thipkong
Dr. Frances A. Thompson* and Mr. Claude Thompson
Dr. Mary L. Todd and Mr. Daniel B. Todd
Mr. Walter G. Troutman and Mrs. Leigh Troutman
Ms. Melissa C. Tufts and Mr. Kenneth M. Hill
Mr. Stephen M. Tyler and Mrs. Margaret S. Tyler
Mrs. Deborah Urquhart and Mr. Richard V. Urquhart
Dr. Mary E. Vahala
Dr. Robert R. VanKirk
Dr. Barbara Nan Vosk and Dr. Howard L. Shareff
Mr. Kenneth A. Voss and Mrs. Mary J. Voss
Dr. Susan Voss
Dr. Benny B. Wade
Dr. Susan T. Walraven
Dr. Feng Wang
Dr. Suyun Wang and Mr. Hongbin Wang
Mrs. Ruth L. Webb
Mrs. Jimi-Lee Weber and Lt Col James P. Weber
Dr. David Huntington Wertz
Ms. Fausta Rodriguez Wertz
Dr. Richard S. Whatley and Mrs. Marilynn M. Whatley
Ms. Carolyn White
Mr. Stephen L. White
Dr. Richard G. Wiggins and Mrs. Larna Wiggins
Dr. Robert E. Williams and Mrs. Virginia H. Williams
Mrs. Thelma Williams and Mr. McDonald Williams
Dr. Angeline P. Williams-Brown
Miss Betty L. Williford
Dr. Arthur L. Wilson and Ms. Barbara Bryant
Ms. Emily E. Winship
Dr. Anne P. Winsor and Mr. Mark R. Winsor
Mr. Michael I. Woltering and Mrs. Margaret R. Woltering
Dr. Audrey Wood and Mr. Isaac L. Wood
Mr. Alex O. Wood
Mr. Bobby G. Woodall and Mrs. E. M. Woodall
Ms. Faith J. Woodley
Ms. Ladda Woravitlikit
Ms. Jean Wright
Dr. Shiow-Shong Yang and Mrs. Fei-O C. Yang
Ms. Donna L. Yesner
Dr. Janice B. Yost
Mr. Ronald G. Young
Dr. Peter S. Yun and Mrs. Sandy Yun
Dr. Xinping Zhao and Mrs. Xiaoling D. Zhao
Mr. Daniel D. Zheng and Ms. Ming Zheng
Mr. Ke Zheng
Dr. Tingyao Zheng and Ms. Youlian L. Zhu


($1 – $99)

Mr. Carl D. Adams Jr. and Mrs. Jere Z. Adams
Dr. Robert E. Adams and Mrs. Sarah M. Adams
Ms. Bronwynne B. Adcock
Dr. Miriam R. Adderholdt
Dr. Brian U. Adler and Mrs. Annette V. Adler
Mrs. Marilyn Alexander and Mr. Michael L. Alexander
Ms. Ines Alicea
Mr. Scott W. Allen and Mrs. Kellie L. Allen
Dr. Charles F. Aquadro and Mrs. Gwen S. Aquadro
Dr. James M. Arnott and Mrs. Betty Arnott
Dr. Peter G. AuBuchon
Dr. Kenneth E. Aupperle
Dr. Helen E. Bailey
Dr. Helen S. Baines and Dr. Gary A. Baines
Mr. James L. Ballentine and Mrs. Anna S. Ballentine
Ms. Marion A. Barksdale
Ms. Ann Barr
Mrs. Roberta A. Barr and Mr. Charles B. Barr
Dr. Robert H. Barron and Mrs. Nancy Barron
Mr. James Barrow Jr. and Mrs. Sallyanne B. Barrow
Ms. Jeanne B. Bedell
Dr. Bonnie Bell and Mr. William P. Bell
Mr. Gregory S. Bentley and Mrs. Elizabeth I. Bentley
Mr. Hoyt A. Blackstock Jr. and Mrs. Patricia A. Blackstock
Ms. Mary A. Blossomgame
Dr. Janet S. Blouin and Mr. Michael R. Blouin III
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robert Blum
Mr. Dillard E. Boland Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Randall Bohannon
Mr. Daniel W. Bonner Sr. and Mrs. Lynnette Bonner
Dr. and Mrs. A. Frank Bonner
Mr. Ralph G. Boulier and Mrs. Kay A. Boulier
Ms. Norma Boyd and Mr. Lonnie H. Boyd
Dr. Cynthia H. Branch
Mr. Roderick E. Briggs and Mrs. Lois E. Briggs
Mrs. Barbara A. Brown
Mr. James S. Brown and Dr. Karen Brown
Mr. Reginald A. Brown
Mr. William C. Bryan Jr. and Ms. Kimberly Bryan
Mrs. Carol A. Buckhout and Mr. Wayne E. Buckhout
Mrs. Carol N. Buhler and Mr. Robert M. Buhler
Mr. John M. Buice III
Mrs. Jean Bullock
Ms. Jessica Burnette
Xiaohui Cai
Mr. Jeffrey A. Cain and Mrs. Trina R. Cain
Mr. Bobby C. Caldwell and Mrs. Linda Caldwell
Mr. Mayfield Camp Jr.
Dr. Vicente Cano and Mrs. Sarah A. Cano
Mrs. Ethel E. Carey
Dr. James W. Carr and Mrs. Vitha Carr
Mrs. Barbara Carter
Mr. Ollie W. Carter and Mrs. Gloria A. Carter
Mr. Dave J. Cavalier III
Atlanta Relationship Center
Mr. Pingping Chen and Ms. Jingjing Xie
Mr. Brant A. Chesser
Mrs. Rosalie Claussen and Mr. Douglas B. Claussen
Mr. Brazle H. Claxton
Mr. John Clemons
Ms. Kaylan M. Clemons
Dr. Carolyn E. Clive and Mr. Clifford S. Clive
Mrs. Lucie M. Coffie
Ms. Amy R. Coleman
David B. Collins, Inc.
Mr. Gary W. Cook and Mrs. Jamie B. Cook
Dr. Jonnie W. Copeland
Mr. William S. Coursey III and Mrs. Nancy S. Coursey
Miss Daisy L. Craddock
Ms. Mary A. Crain
Rev. James F. Creason Sr. and Mrs. Willie Mae Creason*
Dr. Robert W. Culberson and Dr. Anne P. Culberson
Mr. Jay T. Dainty and Ms. Jacqueline L. Dainty
Dr. Linda L. Davis
Ms. Carolyn A. Debuque
Dr. Joe D. DeLay and Mrs. Sandra K. DeLay
Ms. Helga Johanna Doering and Mr. Curtis Lee Higgs
Dr. Yu R. Dong
Ms. Susan P. Dooley
Ms. Kimberly A. Dove and Mr. Michael Dove
Mr. Harry L. Dumbleton Jr. and Mrs. Nancy U. Dumbleton
Mr. Kevin B. Dumolga
Mr. Milner G. Durden Jr. and Ms. Jennifer Durden
Mr. Hugo C. Eiler
Dr. William R. Elmore Jr. and Mrs. Joan B. Elmore
Dr. Elizabeth L. Elrod
Mr. Ronald E. Eminger and Mrs. Andrea D. Eminger
Dr. Willie Enus
Mr. Samuel N. Evins V and Mrs. Penny E. Evins
Dr. Yi Fan and Mr. Qiang Jia
Dr. Joel A. Farkas
Dr. Fatmeh R. Farokhi
Mr. Hillra H. Felty Jr.
Dr. Lynda R. Flage
Dr. Steven D. Fleming and Mrs. Barbara J. Fleming
Ms. Emma S. Ford
Miss Minnie C. Foster
Ms. Sharon D. Foster and Mr. Gregory B. Foster
IBM International Foundation
Mr. Jason V. French and Ms. Erin E. French
Ms. Eleanor E. Gardner
Mr. Hyman N. Garson and Dr. Helen S. Garson
Mr. Chris D. Gaunt
Mr. Charles M. Gay
Dr. William A. Gentry
Ms. Ann G. Giddens
Ms. Magaly Gilbes and Mr. Ricardo A. Gilbes
Mr. Joe B. Giles* and Mrs. Monica M. Giles
Ms. Theresa L. Glasheen
Mr. John C. Grant and Mrs. Thelma Grant
Mr. James H. Graves and Mrs. Kathleen Doyle
Mr. Robert F. Gray and Mrs. Karen T. Gray
Mrs. Gisela Griffin
Dr. James D. Griffin and Mrs. Annette Griffin
Dr. Jimmie R. Grimsley* and Mrs. Barbara H. Grimsley
Ms. Ling Guan
Dr. Allan W. Gurley and Mrs. Jeanette Gurley
Mr. Verner N. Guthrie and Mrs. Harriett A. Guthrie
Dr. Mark D. Guy and Mrs. Laurie Guy
Mrs. Kirsten M. Haas and Mr. Christopher W. Haas
Mrs. Donna Hamilton and Mr. David Hamilton
Dr. Alfred L. Hammett III and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Hammett
Mr. Robert A. Hammond
Dr. Autry L. Hamric Jr. and Mrs. Carol F. Hamric
Dr. William D. Hargrave
Mr. Claude P. Harman Jr. and Mrs. Mary A. Harman
Mrs. Frances Harris
Mr. Archie E. Hatfield Jr.
Mrs. Lori B. Hedstrom and Mr. Robert S. Hedstrom
Ms. Jo Ann Hein
Mr. Roger H. Hein and Mrs. Virginia S. Hein
Dr. Frederick R. Helm
Dr. James M. Helms
Dr. Michele C. Henderson and Mr. Steve K. Henderson
Dr. Robin Hensley and Mr. Darren K. Hensley
Mr. William W. Hibbert III and Mrs. Meg Hibbert
Dr. Lilian H. Hill
Dr. Priscilla B. Holman and Mr. Charles R. Holman Jr.
Mr. Kevin R. Holzgrefe
Mrs. Jennifer L. House and Mr. Jared M. House
Dr. Elizabeth F. Howell
Mr. Andrew G. Hudson
Dr. Henry F. Ivey
Dr. Theodore B. Jaeger and Mrs. Susan Y. Jaeger
Nakitha Jamerson
Ms. Raven C. Jamerson
Dr. Michael D. James
Ms. Robin E. Jervey
Mrs. Katherine C. Johnson and Mr. Robert P. Johnson Jr.
Dr. Larry R. Johnson and Mrs. Alzena B. Johnson
Dr. Ronald N. Johnson and Mrs. Martha Johnson
Dr. Lara L. Jones
Mrs. Mary J. Jones and Mr. William C. Jones
Dr. Virginia Jones
Ms. Agnes W. Kahiga
Dr. Susan E. Katrin
Dr. James C. Keith Jr. and Mrs. Katherine E. Keith
Dr. Kay E. Kelly
Ms. Audrie G. Kelton
Rev. Tony A. Kemp and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Kemp
Dr. James M. Kennedy and Mrs. Jessie N. Kennedy
Mr. Kenneth A. Kent
Dr. Young-June Kim and Mrs. Jae-Eun Kim
Ms. Stacie E. Knight
Dr. Myung H. Koh
Ms. Ethel Kopkin and Mr. Theordore Kopkin*
Dr. Anna P. Kroncke and Mr. Jason M. K. Cochran
Dr. Trang M. Kry
Dr. James F. Lanfrey and Dr. Judith L. Lanfrey
Dr. Jarrett F. Lange and Ms. Elisabeth B. Lange
Mr. Robert W. Rozen and Ms. Sherri J. Laubach
Dr. Joseph S. Lechowicz and Mrs. Marion C. Lechowicz
Mr. Charles V. Lee and Mrs. Kathy Lee
Dr. Connie W. Lee and Mr. John A. Thacker Jr.
Mr. Tair-Shung Lee and Mrs. Miaoying Lee
Dr. Joel R. Leininger
Dr. Heidi S. Leming
Mr. Hermanus R. Lemmer
Mrs. Marilyn Lewis
Mrs. Lee Limbocker and Mr. George A. Limbocker Jr.
Dr. Deborah Lisano
Dr. Cindy L. Loar
Ms. Arietha I. Lockhart
Dr. Glenda G. Lofton and Mr. Thomas I. Lofton
Mr. Lee W. Logan and Mrs. Eleanor Logan
Dr. Stephen W. Looney and Ms. Teresa McVeigh
Mrs. Gloria L. Luttrell and Mr. Kenneth R. Luttrell
Dr. Linda M. Lyons
Dr. Andrew J. Machusko Jr. and Mrs. Janice K. Machusko
Mrs. Hazel L. Majors
Dr. Michael J. Manalo
Mrs. Marilyn Mann and Mr. James A. Mann
Mr. John W. Marshall III*
Ms. Tara N. Marshall
Dr. Charles R. Mason and Mrs. Harvie L. Mason
Dr. and Mrs. James Michael Martinez
Dr. Jeffrey K. Mauldin and Ms. Martina Mauldin
Dr. Cynthia D. McCauley
Ms. Sharon R. Fields-McCormick and Mr. John V. McCormick
Dr. Elliott W. McElroy and Mrs. Joan E. McElroy
Mr. George M. McKinney Jr. and Mrs. Fay McKinney
Ms. Frances V. Meffen and Mr. John A. Meffen
Mrs. Jane Melson and Mr. Arthur D. Melson*
Ms. Norma D. Montalvan-Bustamante
Mr. Joseph A. Montgomery
Mr. Jason I. Morgan and Dr. Erin P. Riley
Dr. Lelia C. Mullis and Mr. Olen D. Mullis
Mr. William A. Mupo
Ms. Tommie Nash
Mrs. Lynne P. Neal
Dr. Gert Nesin
Dr. Lirim Neziroski
Ms. Melva D. Nichols
Dr. Carol A. Niemi
Ms. Donna Bailey Norton
Mr. Lofton B. Odom and Mrs. Faye Odom
Miss Shirley A. Odom
Dr. Matthew B. Ogburn and Mrs. Joanna H. Ogburn
Dr. Jan K. Ogden and Mrs. Anne P. Ogden
Ms. Jana C. O’Kelley and Mr. James T. O’Kelley
Mrs. Endiana D. Palmer
Ms. Shujuan Pan
Ms. Swetha Pandhiti
Mr. Wayne D. Peacock and Mrs. Kimberly A. Peacock
Ms. Erin L. Peltzman
Ms. Michelle Penn
Dr. Judith Perry
Dr. Robert M. Phillips and Mrs. Opal K. Phillips
Dr. David A. Pierfy
Dr. Leigh A. Poole
Ms. Brenda F. Poss
Hugh A. Christie, Ph.D Practice of Psychology
Ms. Jiao Pu
Mrs. Eileen E. Rampey
Dr. Anne B. Ranne
Ms. Sudha R. P. Rao and Mr. Mrutyunjaya J. Rao
Ms. Savannah J. Ray
Mr. Elzie W. Reece II
Ms. Elizabeth A. Ricardo
Mr. William S. Rice
Ms. Carolyn A. Richey
Ms. Millie A. Riley
Mr. Byron L. Rivenbark and Ms. Erin E. Rivenbark
Dr. Angie C. Roberts
Dr. Marion C. Robinson
Mr. Reginald G. Rockwell
Dr. Gloria A. Rogers
Dr. Carl R. Ruetz III
Dr. Garland E. Russell
Mr. Lowell R. Russell Sr. and Mrs. Carol Russell
Ms. Patricia Ryals
Dr. John L. Sayer* and Mrs. Anita J. Sayer
Mr. Robert A. Seay and Ms. Ronda Seay
Mrs. Virginia A. Sefzik and Mr. Richard Sefzik
Ms. Tracie P. Segura
Mr. Stephen C. Seibert and Ms. Leila Seibert
Dr. Sally Sharp
Mr. Thomas W. Shaver Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Shaver
Lt Col Reed J. Sheridan
Ms. Sara J. Sheridan
Mr. Victor H. Shernoff and Ms. Elise Shernoff
Dr. Billie J. Sherrod
Mr. Thomas L. Shirley and Mrs. Elena Shirley
Mrs. Karen Shockley
Mr. Andreas Siebert
Mr. Bryan D. Simmons and Mrs. Hideko Simmons
Ms. Gayle M. Simmons
Dr. Samrendra Singh and Mrs. Annie Singh
Mr. Philip L. Singleton
Ms. Eulora B. Skelton
Dr. Margaret H. Sloan
Miss Suzanne K. Smith*
Ms. Teri L. Smith
Ms. Marylynne Solomon
Miss Shannon H. Spears
Ms. Karen E. Speer
Mr. William B. Speg and Mrs. Lois A. Speg
Mrs. Mary J. Spivey and Mr. Harlon P. Spivey
Mr. Wayne H. Standifer
Ms. Pamela R. Stanescu
Mrs. Gwendolyn Starke-Swain
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hane Steadman Jr.
Mr. William A. Steagall and Mrs. Concetta M. Steagall
Mrs. Mildred Steedley and Mr. Jim Steedley
Maj Christopher C. Stratton and Dr. Pamela Wolski Stratton
Mr. Paul F. Susko and Ms. Susan Susko*
Mr. Lee H. Swann Jr. and Mrs. Karen A. Swann
Dr. Philip I. Szmedra
Mr. Gordon R. Tassi and Mrs. Ruby G. Tassi
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Kirk Taylor
Ms. Paige E. Thompson
Mrs. Laurie F. Tolbert and Mr. Thomas R. Tolbert
Mr. Dale L. Townsend
The Williams Family Trust
Mr. John P. Tucker
Ms. Patricia Turner and Mr. Anthony W. Turner
Mrs. Reaunette G. Vaughn
Ms. Martha C. Vawter
Dr. Maria D. R. Vickery and Mr. Steven R. Vickery
Mr. G. Thomas Wade Jr.
Mr. Melvin Wakeley and Mrs. Sheila A. Wakeley
Dr. Penelope S. Wardlow
Dr. Columbus Watkins and Mrs. Pearlie M. Watkins
Mr. Michael P. Watson
Ms. Marthagem Whitlock
Ms. Cheryl L. Williams and Mr. Joseph Williams
Ms. Geraldine H. Williams
Ms. Hattie B. Williams and Mr. Earl F. Williams
Dr. Julianna Williams
Dr. Marshall V. Williams Jr. and Mrs. Marilyn Williams
Mrs. Sharon Williams and Mr. Wallace E. Williams
Mrs. Virginia Travisano Williams and Mr. Larry A. Williams
Dr. Ben K. Willis and Mrs. Artherlene E. Willis
Mrs. Deborah L. Wilson and Rev. James A. Wilson
Miss Mary K. Withrow
Mr. John J. Woods and Mrs. Louise A. Woods
Ms. Whitney P. Woodward and Mr. Theodore E. Woodward
Ms. Sandra E. Worsham
Dr. Douglas G. Wren and Ms. Heather E. Wren
Mrs. Lora E. Wright and Mr. Elmo Wright Sr.*
Dr. Ruth N. Wrightstone
Ms. Joyce Wyckoff and Mr. Donald V. Wyckoff
Dr. Judith M. Yorio
Mr. Hugh H. Young and Ms. Norma J. Young
Dr. Qun Zhou and Mrs. Liying Yan
Dr. Larry L. Ziegler and Ms. Gloria J. Ziegler
Dr. Liqing Tao and Dr. Li Zuo

* Deceased

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