Individual Development Plan and Mentor/Mentee Compacts

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool to help support, plan and track short and long-term goals for career development and learning opportunities through a personal assessment of current skills and strengths and a plan for developing and improving skills oriented toward academic and career goals. The Mentor/Mentee Compact (MMC) is intended to initiate ongoing discussions with mentors to review progress toward completing stated goals.

The Graduate School requires awardees of the Presidential Fellow, Dissertation Completion and Graduate School Master’s and Doctoral Fellow Awards to prepare and submit an IDP and MMC by the end of the first year the award is received. Resources and additional information can be found at the links below.

The following instructions will help you properly submit your IDP and MMC.

Instructions for Individual Development Plan and Mentor/Mentee Compact Submissions

  • The Graduate School will send a reminder to applicable award recipients at the beginning of the Spring semester to submit their IDP and MMC by the end of the semester.
  • The Graduate School will submit the IDP and MMC to the assigned Graduate Coordinator (GC) for approval.
  • The GC will review both forms and either approve or request modification.
  • The Graduate School will notify the student of approval or the need to modify. Modifications must be completed within a week of notification.
  • To modify, log in to GradStatus and click on My Submission to re-submit the modified form. Departments are able to click on the Submissions tab and view all forms that have been submitted.

Individual Development Plan Templates

Mentor/Mentee Compact Templates


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